Day 2 Dramatical Murder meetup at Connecticon~!
I was the maid Aoba that hosted the meetup and I’m so happy so many people showed up! It was wonderful getting the time to see you all and take so many beautiful photos with~! ;////;
If you see yourself in any of these photos please let me know so I can tag you! :)


Maid Aoba- myself (korpsecosplay)


Maid Noiz- pompous-jean

Center Noiz- ruffrabbitz

Morphine Noiz- 2fooly4scooly

Left Noiz- hatos


Re:Connect Virus- snafutype

Re:Connect Trip- dickstrudler

Trip with Cake- sirflas


Clear with flower umbrella- angryscorpio


FemKoujaku- stella-rogers